The Silence In Between My Thoughts & Words

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Tshirt + Fashion + Iuter + SS 2013 Collection Octopus revival!!!

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"you wear that a lot" yes that is because i, a proud owner of a washing machine,

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New flag design from @storeyelementary


New flag design from @storeyelementary



this fucking movie 

I didn’t even notice the Star Trek reference until just now

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Daniele Buetti


Daniele Buetti

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space octopus anyone?


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It’s time for a fishy update!

Top photo: Lumos’s 5.5, looking foggy from a water change but lush and green. He’s been loving his new plants, but I also took two of his old plants, an amazon sword and an anubias out to put in the 10. 

Middle photo: The very, very foggy 10 gallon. I just dumped some water from Lumos’s tank in there, is why. The filter was running empty to give it some water circulation, but I just stuffed a bunch of filter floss in there to hopefully clear up the fog. It has absolutely no scape right now but the plants are doing good, the saggitaria are starting to throw runners, and the tank is looking a little greener! When the goldfish tank gets torn down I’m gonna look into what’s gonna be moving in there!

Bottom photo: A rather dark photo of the king of the 5.5 himself, Lumos the Lovely. Stupid punk decided to scare me right before this photo. I’m super paranoid after the goldfish epidemic and I went to take a picture of him and found him laying motionless on a leaf. But when I put my finger on the glass he shook himself and swam over like “what? I wasn’t napping. Is it dinner?” 


korrasami + tumblr text posts

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periodic reminder that:

  • there are lots of reasons why someone might use a wheelchair
  • plenty of wheelchair users are able to walk or stand to some small degree
  • plenty of wheelchair users have fluctuating conditions that mean that their mobility needs and ability changes…

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